Baby Beer Pong Gift Set

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Party on baby! Grab your trusty red cup and let's play some beer pong! (with MILK of course!!) 

Vulgar Baby ready-made gift boxes are perfect for busy people and lazy people alike! Unique and totally badass. It's sure to be a hit at any baby shower! Don't be lame, bring the funny!

Gift Box Includes:

  •  1 "Future Beer Pong Champion" baby bodysuit or toddler shirt
  •  1 "Gamago" Party Time, Red Solo Sippy Cup

  • All wrapped up in a badass black and white gift box with a colorful bow of your choice. Includes To/From gift tag.

Babies drinking beer is never funny. Babies drinking milk or juice out of what looks like a classic red solo cup IS very funny!  

 Just because you have kids, doesn't mean the party is over!