Straight Outta Mommy: The story of the misunderstood bodysuit

Straight Outta Mommy: The story of the misunderstood bodysuit


LIKE REALLY LOOK AT IT FOR A SECOND. Will you? OK. Thanks! Moving on..  

We have a product: "Straight Outta Mommy" baby bodysuit.  

It's a play on the infamous Straight Outta Compton album cover. It's one of our best selling products. It's great! We love it and so do our customers. 

Except when they don't, and it's really kind of funny. Let me explain.... 

About once every couple months we get an email from a customer. They've ordered our "Straight Outta Mommy" bodysuit and it is DAMAGED! Ruined, they tell me! This will not do!  

"There are black spots all over my garment!"

"You must have folded it too quickly after printing it and the ink smudged all over!"

"The design on my bodysuit is covered in mildew! Yuck!" 

OH NO! We say, (or we used to) What could have happened! Quality and customer service are very important to us! We tell the customer; I'm so sorry! Please send pictures so we can figure out how this happened and we will send you a new one!

They were nice enough to send the picture.... and, I'm not seeing it. To me, It looks as it's meant to look. But then it hits me! It's the design! Just the effect of the spray paint over-spray in the design that they are seeing. Ah ha! That is my customers mold / ink problem! And, It's kind of hilarious. 

There's nothing wrong with the bodysuit after all. So now, how to explain this to our customers without sounding like a jerk? Carefully. First, we apologize for any confusion. Because it's really not their fault, I get it. At first glance it could look like smeared ink. Also, Not everyone is hip with NWA. It's cool, It's just graffiti baby!

Next, we ask them to please Google: NWA Straight Outta Compton and look at the album cover and compare it to our listing online. 

At this point we're hoping that our customer is now aware of this great albums existence, what the joke behind their newly purchased (or gifted) baby bodysuit means and what it is meant to look like. 

Lastly, we assure them that if they are still not convinced, still think it's mold/ink, or if they just think it's dumb and just want their money back or swap out for a different product, then we are always willing to do whatever we need to keep our customers happy! They can return the bodysuit and get a full refund! 

But that's very rare. Mostly everyone keeps the bodysuit. We all have a good laugh about it, and they enjoy their badass baby threads! 

Oddly, We have a couple of other products that are similar. But we've never had a single complaint there! Poor Straight Outta Mommy is just singled out and misunderstood. 

Straight Outta Time Out? No Problems.

Custom: Straight Outta Somewhere? Never. Not one.

So, I guess it is what it is! This product is just doomed to be misunderstood by some, yet loved by so many more. It's one of our favorite, first original products and now it has a funny story to go with it! Thanks for letting me share it with you! 

The moral of this story? Look carefully at what you are buying. Or you might just end up making someones blog! 

A big thanks to all of our Vulgar Baby customers for your support of our small business! We appreciate each of you, especially our "Straight Outta Mommy" customers that helped me write this story! Thanks for being a good sport then and now! 

Mar 30th 2017 Mindy

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