Coffee & Milk Lovers Gift Set

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The perfect gift for new moms who survive on coffee. 

Vulgar Baby ready-made gift boxes are perfect for busy people and lazy people alike! Unique and totally badass. It's sure to be a hit at any baby shower! Don't be lame, bring the funny! 

Gift Box Includes:

  • 1 "But First, Coffee" tank top for Mom
  • 1 "But First, Milk" bodysuit for baby
  • 1 "GAMAGO" Rise and Shine "Starbucks" inspired Sippy Cup
  • All wrapped up in a Badass black and white gift box with a colorful bow of your choice. Includes To/From gift tag.




Today we shall take over the world! But first, we must have our coffee and milk! 

You've got to have your priorities straight! World domination (or just getting through the day) is tough work. You must have your fuel to get you going.

For a Mom, coffee is life! For a Baby, Milk is gold! Getcha Some!